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Biographical background

A little stuff about me.


Ricardo was born in Havana and at fourteen years old became an exile in New York City.He received a Bachelor degree from the City University (CUNY) and a Master's from Florida International University (FIU).He lived in New York for many years and in San Francisco before moving permanently to Miami.His introduction to photography came in the form of playing with 35mm cameras that were loaned to him, but he soon discovered that he had an eye for composition.His childhood left a big impression on him of Havana's colors and shadows, and its sense of mystery.Over time he has photographed everything from models to landscapes and still-life images.He published a book of images of Redland, the quaint rural area south of Miami, an area that has been little displayed. He is currently represented by several stock photo agencies, both in the US and in Europe, that have used his work in advertising and publications including The Miami Herald and Oxygen Magazine. He is also represented by Art Fusion Galleries (artfusiongalleries.com) in the Miami Arts District and some of his images are for sale at Baker Furniture DCOTA.  But his interest has become more focused on the artistic aspect of photography and he has concentrated on images that resemble more a painting than a photograph. He prefers outdoor, natural light images, which use strong light sources and stress textures and shadows.Recently he has been experimenting with what others have called "camera paint",making a photograph look more like a surreal painting that seems to transcends reality.


Ricardo considers his images a constant celebration of light. They range from highlighting light and shadow reflected on natural subjects, forests, city scapes, or the human figure. Using his attraction to color, texture, and light, he creates an imaginary reality out of a concrete situation.